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Away From Africa

An article about Landry’s The Bayou was featured on the famous blog AWAY FROM AFRICA, spearheaded by the gracious and generous Diane Chehab. Check it out here !

Acrobatas & Landry Show (8/11/13)

There’s a special ‘early evening’ performance coming up: Acrobatas and Landry at the Berkeley Jazz School Sunday, August 11th @ 4:30pm The Acrobatas will have Michael Zaninovich on tenor saxophone,…

All About Jazz – Take Five

All About Jazz published an article about me called ‘Take Five with Landry‘. It’s a wonderful interview about my take on music, jazz, and the future. Enjoy!

All About Jazz Showcase

A showcase of ‘The Bayou’ will be available throughout the month of July 2013 on All About Jazz. Thanks to Michael Ricci from All About Jazz for his support.

Tickets Are On Sale . . .

. . . For the August 11, 2013 4:30 pm show at the Berkeley Jazz School. I look forward to seeing you there ;)!

A Soulful Jazz Evening with Landry

Please join me June 30, 2013 at 7:00 pm at the Sunflower Center to talk spirituality and sing jazz for an hour: The Sunflower Center is a wonderful venue located…

New Album