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Love Won

  • Love Won (Landry)
  • And I Love Him (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
  • Ibrahim (Landry)
  • Man to Man (A Love Story) (Landry, Dan Feiszli)
  • Home (Dan Feiszli)
  • Everyone Will Come to Be (Now) (Landry)
  • I Too Sing America (Landry)
  • Quand On A Que l’Amour (Jacques Brel)

Album Credits

Vocals: Landry, David Worm, Zoe Ellis, Ashling "Biscuit" Cole
Guitars: Matt Heulitt
Piano/Keyboards: Eric Levy
Bass/Keyboards: Dan Feiszli
Drums/Percussions:    Alan Hall, Brian Rice
Kora: Daniel Berkman
Flugelhorn: Erik Jekabson

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Dan Feiszli.


Thanks to Dan Feiszli. The day we started working together, I knew I was finally living on purpose. Looking forward to repeat the magic.

Thanks to all the musicians and guest vocalists. I admire your talent and more importantly your courage.

Thanks to Bentinho Massaro for teaching (reminding) me to follow my joy with a no bullshit policy.

Thanks to the listener for no gift is truly one until it is received.


This project is an offering to those who believe in the power of love.