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Album Credits

Vocals: Landry, Jake Ducey
Guitars: Matt Heulitt, Jack Gates
Piano/Keyboards: Eric Levy
Bass/Keyboards/Programming: Dan Feiszli
Drums: Alan Hall
Viola: Mads Tolling
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Dan Feiszli.


Thanks to Dan Feiszli. We made history again. You are such a genius.
À Dan Feiszli - Mon âme frère, tu me complètes. Grâce à toi, j’ai découvert ma voix authentique. Une fois de plus, tu m’as aidé à créer un projet historique, un cadeau de l'âme pour l’auditeur éveillé. Merci n’est pas assez pour te témoigner ma reconnaissance. Sois éternellement béni cher ami.
Thanks to all the musicians and guest vocalists. You make me look good and I won't ever take it for granted. Thank you for sharing your talent with me.
Thanks to the listener for no gift is truly one until it is received.


This project is an offering to those who are in the trenches. It is our permission slip to finally succeed. AKA It is our permission slip to finally be ourselves.