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The Bayou

Album Credits

Vocals: Landry
Guitars: Matt Heulitt
Piano/Organ: Eric Levy
Bass: Dan Feiszli
Drums: Alan Hall
Tenor Sax: Joe Cohen
Trumpet: Erik Jekabson
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Dan Feiszli.


Thanks to my parents for loving me through it all.
Thanks to my siblings for believing in me.
Thanks to Myra Olaopa for fiercely praying this project into existence.
Thanks to Dan Feiszli for birthing this project.
Thanks to the Berkeley Jazz School for educating me and making me soar.
Thanks to Ms. Oprah winfrey for Super Soul Sunday and Lifeclass.
Thanks to Seth Godin for teaching me that my greatest fear is my compass.
Thanks to Steven Pressfield for helping me 'Turn Pro'.
Thanks to the listener for no gift is truly one until it is received.


This project is an offering to the LGBT community. I sang myself out of the closet while recording this album. May this album empower us to be all that we can be and so much more...