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A Letter to the Soul of Africa


This booklet was designed to provide the average contemporary African with the intellectual tools to consciously create their life. The advent of the internet age brought about a new wave of independence and freedom that is unprecedented for the human collective. Yet, it is a freedom that very few of us know what to do with because we never learned to exercise our free will. We have always delegated our power to cultural, governmental, educational, religious, and/or corporate authorities. Now that we have claimed that power back, we are like free particles hanging around in space. And we will remain so until we dedicate our will to a higher purpose of our choosing. This booklet thus coaches the reader to identify their individual higher ground so as to remain and thrive in that space more frequently. Ultimately, this booklet transforms the concept of abundance from something far-fetched and unattainable to a day-to-day grounded application for all of us to benefit from and pass on for generations to come. Abundance shall become our default mindset.